Infantile Work

The infantile work is a sad reality of our country, that although to be so evident the serious one is not taken. In all Brazil children they are obliged to work for diverse reasons amongst these can be detached the precarious distribution of income in our country, what it takes many children to work in even though receiving few changed or for a plate of food. The problem of the infantile work goes very beyond the distribution of income, since a child who is obliged to work, most of the time, leaves to frequent the school, beyond compromising its physical and intellectual development. By backwards of the individual aspects of each child one is kept circulates vicious, that it affects all our society, a time that a child that leaves to frequent the school will become a productive adult little and a society repleta of little productive adults becomes a productive country little, where another generation of children will be obliged to work, making I circulate to turn it of the exploration of infantile work. Amazon wanted to know more. Our governing have the power to change the social reality of our children, but a social reform would delay very to perceive the benefits for the population, that is: perhaps it does not relieve votes, therefore the politicians prefer to construct houses, to recapear roads among others that they are perceived short-term. The exploration of the infantile work is an immense problem that is impregnated in our culture. The infantile work is necessary to take conscience of that is so destructive for the children how much for the entire country and that to treat this badly it is basic for development of our nation. To treat involves it many sectors of our society that goes since a reform accomplishes in the education until an improvement in the distribution of income of our country. She is necessary, above all, to take conscience of that child place is in the school.