Indicating Processes

Moreover, he makes possible the search for comparative referenciais to elaborate the demonstrative of necessary results to the fulfilling of the relative Report of Management to criterion 7. Results and the joint use with the technique of benchmarking for the improvement of the management. In the Panel of Pointers (Picture 6) they are related: ) Name of the Pointer; b) Strategical focus (FAITH) of the TRT/RJ, inside of the methodology of Balanced ScoreCard (BSC), developed in the strategical planning; c) Item of Criterion of Resultados (ICR) of the PQGF, making possible implanting benchmarking with other participant institutions of the PQGF and the Court of Accounts of Unio (TCU) and serving, therefore, of comparative referencial. Picture 2. Indicating panel of Pointers Strategical Focus (FAITH) Item of Criterion of Resultados (ICR) Degree of estruturao of the net of knowledge A11 AP 7,4 Effectiveness of the training A12 AP 7,4 Accomplishment of qualification A12 AP 7,4 Abrangncia of training A12 AP 7,4 1) Accompaniment of expenditure 2 F1 FI 7,3) Accompaniment of investment F1 FI 7,3 3) Indicating of the Report of Management of the Annual Taking of Accounts F1 FI 7,3 4) Percentile of collect of taxes and taxes 5 F1 FI 7,3) Accompaniment of the payment of the pendencies of staff 6 F2 FI 7,3) Disponibilizao of technology of the information 7 P10 PI 7,7) Supply of processes 8 P9 PI 7,6) Degree of attendance to the procedural demand 9 P9 PI 7,6) average Age of the processes in supply 10 P9 PI 7,6) Index of satisfaction of the internal customer 11 P9 PI 7,7) Time medium of permanence of the processes until the judgment 12 P9 PI 7,6) Level of functional performance U4 AP 7,4 13) Degree of satisfaction of the users U5 US 7,1 14) Image of the TRT/RJ next to the society U4 US 7,1 15) Implantation of the internal social controls U4 US 7,1 16) Effectiveness of the demands to the Ouvidoria U4 US 7,2 Source: Elaborated for author 5. .