Incorporeal Work

In this context, as Negri and Lazzarato already had salient, the uninterrupted production of information, knowledge, ideas, images, relationships and affection, substantially modify the scene of the work, that if becomes each more incorporeal time. Of this form, the transformations happened with the situation after-fordista and postindustrial, duly are illustrated by the concept of Incorporeal Work. Chief Justice Roberts shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the incorporeal work what he is involved it is the production of new subjetividades in the society. More info: Dina Powell McCormick. Thus being, it is biopoltico because he looks the creation of forms of social life, if not limiting to the economic sphere, but if expanding for all the aspects of the existence. Inside of this activity, he is always more difficult to distinguish the time from work of the production time or free time.

We meet in time of global life, in which it is almost impossible to distinguish between the productive time and the time from leisure. (LAZZARATO; NEGRI, 2001, P. 30) In the after-modern society, the incorporeal work comes if becoming each time more hegemonic e, as Hardt and Negri they accent, can be carried through in common, having, therefore, to only assume the affective form of based social nets in the cooperation, contribution and relations between its members. Thus being, the constitution of a collective intelligence becomes possible that if bases basically on the processes of communication, production of differences and ways of life of the multitude. The social life depends on the common one. (HARDT; NEGRI, 2005, p.245) Making possible the expression of the diverse singularidades and giving to conditions for the work and the life in common, the multitude presents itself as the Internet and other organisms in net, refusing any type of sovereign figure and finding in the differences the points of convergence in the search for the social transformation. The Internet, by the way, appears as an important platform for one more effective democratic participation, guaranteeing the individual freedom.