Human Resources

But we are numbers still. Today we hear to speak very in management of people, in the organizations, but what it is management of people? For some administrators it is to know to deal with the interpersonal relationship and nothing more, but unhappyly for some organizations, the collaborators are seen as mere numbers still in this millenium, since small companies the great corporations. When we speak in reduction or Downsizing (in Portuguese: achatamento) is one of the techniques of the Administration contemporary, who has for objective the elimination of the unnecessary corporative bureaucracy, therefore it is focada in the center of the hierarchic pyramid, that is, in the area of human resources (RH). Short-term it involves resignations, achatamento of the organizacional structure, reorganization, reduction of costs, and rationalization. But when we speak in reduction, it will always have a weakker side of the organization; the collaborators, not yet exist a model of replacement of collaborators, or a plan of coherent resignation. When the PROFIT, of the organization starts to be affected by diverse factors, all the organizations thinks about PDV, resignation in mass, but never in a strategical exit.

Now I ask to vocs CAD the HUMAN RESOURCES? At this accurate moment, they will have to be preparing some letters of dismissal of the collaborators. All in them we are numbers of the organizations, and the RH area is plus a simple area in the hour to excuse the collaborators. Perhaps this scene changes one day, but meanwhile, the RH managers, will have to always act of the best form, but when we speak in PROFIT, the area managers always opt to weakkest. To broaden your perception, visit rusty holzer. One certain politics still does not exist no matter how hard she is elaboradora, yes the owners of companies, they aim at the profit and people always go to exist to develop the services and products.