Historical Monuments

St. Petersburg – a treasury of cultural heritage of all Russia. Here, under state protection are more than 5660 monuments of federal and regional significance, and in 2185 identified the object. Kronstadt fully be called a city-monument. Founded by Peter the Great in 1723 as a fortress to protect the approaches from the sea to St. Petersburg, the island city left a significant mark in the history of Russia.

It is with this city related to the glorious development milestones and victories of the Russian fleet, the great geographical discoveries, as well as many other important events in the history of our country. Much of the buildings of Kronstadt is a historical and architecture. St. Petersburg Government pays great attention to restoration, reconstruction and preservation of these buildings and return them to pristine shape. The company's staff Antal made a contribution to the preservation landmarks of this great city. Participate in the restoration works and reconstruction of historic interior elements of a building in Kronstadt helped much to improve the professional level our employees. Specialists have been manufactured and installed fences stairs, balconies, as well as works on the device fencing across the adjacent territory of one of the historical monuments in the town of Kronstadt. Work was carried out on samples of 19 th century, in which the applied technology of cast iron. Especially for the implementation of these works has been developed a unique technology that allowed the maximum repeat the initial appearance of products at what we used in the manufacture of ordinary steel grades, which allowed maintaining the original appearance, significantly reduce costs. Despite the complexity and non-standard technical solutions presented in the specifications for execution of work, professionals with dignity coped with the task.