Heraclitus Proper

Much later, critical the philosophical one recognized that it was treated, in the truth, of aforismos. The aforismtica presentation of the thought of Heraclitus makes of it one of the thinkers daily pay-socrticos of more difficult interpretation. A time that the method to play its ranks to the air of the edge so that each one interprets its aforismos of its inside proper dual reality. Heraclitus can be considered the father of the dialectic. The development of its thought was in dialtico essence. As it places MADJAROF (2010): Heraclitus conceives proper the absolute one as process, as the proper dialectic. The dialectic is: . The exterior Dialectic, one to reason here of for there and it soul of the thing not becoming fluid itself it same itself; B.

Dialectic imanente of the object, placing itself, however, in the contemplation of the citizen; C. Objetividade de Heraclitus, that is, to understand the proper dialectic as principle. (grifo of the author) it does not fit at this moment to esmiuar the thought of Heraclitus and as it comes to influence the construction of the MHD. Engels places, to if relating Heraclitus, who does not have one of its aforismos that it has not incorporated its logical Dialectic. But we have to advance in the line of the time, for return of century XV, I cogitate is born it of Discardings. 2.2MEDITAES METAPHYSICAL OF DISCARDINGS (1596 D.C – 1650 D.C) After all, What I am I? This doubt starts to take off sleep and to feed the dreams of Ren Discardings, for return of 1616 D.C. What he is true for Discardings is what can be conceived ' ' clear and distintamente' ' solely for the reason. Here it is the precursory step for the development of modern science. The citizen that will be defined by the cartesian method is not another seno? citizen of science.