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Depression is the second most widespread disease worldwide according to the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), for which there is no effective cure that ends with her definitely. It is true that there are palliative methods. However, disguise or reduce the symptoms is not a solution, neither is effective, to combat depression. Proof of this is the high number of relapses for those who suffer from this disease, once they stop taking the treatments based on pills and attend lots of sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists. Ruben Quintas is a young man suffered a deep depression for 7 years and he would have experienced in their own flesh the ineffectiveness of the conventional methods used to fight and get out of this terrible disease. And managed to overcome depression, but not with pills or attending the consultation of a psychologist, but seeking answers in mind, because depression is not something physical and therefore not can be treated with something physical.

A wound can be treated with medications to avoid infection and help heal more quickly; but this is not applicable to a negative thought. What is more, nor cure someone who has not lived it can neither treat it. So it is that this young man who lived and suffered a deep depression, had the strength to seek a solution and found it. Now he has captured it in a book that has been published under the title Stop depression, in order to show the right path to other people who like him in his day, are living constantly threatened by the ghosts of the mind. In the words of the own Ruben Quintas Stop depression is a book where story my experience and tell you the technical employee so that you can get what you are looking for. I’ve decided to write it in order to help the people who what is going wrong and can return to feel alive.