Thus date of December 21, 2012 can be recorded six characters. Incidentally, the year 2009 in the Gregorian calendar corresponds to 4707 by the Chinese calendar. Called this calendar – the thousand. Since the calendar is used only certain combinations of characters, it repeats itself cyclically. The duration of each cycle is 60 years, ie every 60 years, the world falls under the influence of the same elements of the story and the interaction of the elements on our planet is repeated every 60 years.

Therefore, it is worth remembering what happened December 21 + -6 days in 1952 and we can with high probability to describe the energetic events December 21, 2012 year. As you can see, the year will be quite rainy, with strong downpours. Learn more on the subject from Ohio Senator. Month of December is also full of rain, while December 21 will be a pleasant day. lower characters of the day and year to form the lower middle hieroglyph strong structure of water in the afternoon, during the hours from 15 to 17, ie, during these hours will a strong filling of underground storage due to heavy rainfall. These characters are the lower of the day and year are the water storage system, they may occur in the a certain hour of the day from 19 to 21 hours. A breaking underground storage tanks can flood all around. Thus You can tell more about the water cataclysm that could occur from 15 to 17 hours – filling the storage of water and from 19 to 21 – a breakthrough of water.

Does this sound like the world cataclysm, as the destruction of Atlantis? Probably not, because in 1952 it did not happen, not what happened in 1892. Yes, and the Chinese calendar does not end on that date. Now use calendar to 2030 and then only to be readable in the book instead of a period lasting 100 years. Any anticipated event is the first reason for any action. Recall, for a sensational story with Y2K, when it was assumed that the era of computerization will lead to a world cataclysm, how many movies have been devoted to this subject, and how much money is spent and earned, on uncertainty. Thus, this date is uncertain. And this issue has brought the film in 2012 box office of $ 900 million dollars for 3 weeks rental. the world's largest corporations use the services of feng shui predictions and see the link on the first page of the site Joy Yap – certainly, the filmmakers consulted with predictors of what events are possible on the basis of information built plot of the film. A recent "epidemic" of influenza A1 … against which our government was going to "throw" one billion hryvnia?