Great Campina Ones

The blow of the monkey For Renato Ucha (educator) Teresina (PI) needs improvement in some services that are precarious. Garbage collection, absence of collectors in the region of the center, quarters. More, integration in the collective transports, (delayed approved). In Great Campina, city of the paraibano interior, the collective ones are integrated. Here, only in the paper. Urgent construction of worthy stops, with the withdrawal of woods. They speak in thirty. We need thousand.

It stops beyond the chaotic transit of the last years, streets and impassable avenues, flooded in the last and no longer next winter. They are examples. Several affirm that the absence of an effective planning of the city hall cause not the excellency in these services. Although boasted even in championship of visgo as the best ones. In if making critical contributions, the blow of the monkey: where of front for the adversary it jumps over its head buying at auction the same playing the two feet in the coasts. Teresina is the best city of the world pra to live, or to suffer, the choice is its, ours. After all we are all actors of this great tragedy and, for the elections that if approach they wait the blow. Nor all the monkeys will be in its twigs.

The gestada authoritarian culture in the period of the military dictatorship still becomes gift. Incrusted and enrustida in entire Brazil. The facisizao of and in the society if reflects, among others aspects, in the defense of the violence. Contanto that is for the children of the others: preference, death penalty. The advances in the public politics that minoram the situation of poverty of the kept out of society populations and open spaces for its cultural manifestations are visible in some areas. They need elastecimento in several. They are more than 500 years of social debt provoked by the elites who not if paid in an only stub-book. From there the courage in the option that if must make in the application of the public resources. Projects that effectively the legion of the disinherited ones absorbs historically predestinold to sleep in cardboard bed. The governing they need to understand that they are not kings. They are employee paid for the population, not obstante to think contrary. Finally, of some form, in some decade or century who knows, the depleted subordinate layers of promises will react to the enganao of the governing. It will not be of pacific form. In some states, for the total absence of these, crime leaves in the front. Already it imposes its laws, its territories, also in the airspace with falling of trees of helicopter of the policy recently in Rio De Janeiro. Without jury courts the sentence, for who goes to live or to die, is not published in the periodical of justice. Only the acknowledgment of the mass of seventh day. It is signed by air-15, many times at the hands of children adopted for the traffic. They would have to be in the schools. Meanwhile the deep silence of the intellectuals, to blow up the shame spandrels.