General Leopoldo Galtieri

The president is coming into despair. Two of his ministers resigned their posts, the closest to her, her private secretary, on charges of illicit enrichment. She also is being questioned along with her husband for the same reason to have increased his fortune since he came to power in more than 500 percent. Inflation and poverty are overshadowing to Argentina announcing the prelude to what may be a major crisis.

When summer break ends, people return to work and discover that the prices of commodities rose while not allow them a decent life, there will be widespread discontent that can evolve into social explosion. Cristina took over the Treasury funds to pay debts. Warning that a new default is also possible. The authoritarian trustee considers that his subjects are stupid and makes derogatory comments mocking his intelligence. The K is taking its vividness levels inconceivable. In recent weeks, said that “…

the flesh came up because of rain, days after he said they should eat pork, adding that:” … eating pork improves sexual activity, and the most unusual and all cristinesca response compared to widespread criticism: “They are barking, Sancho signal that they are dogs.” Insult and contempt for their countrymen who opposed his government are setting an example of civility and restraint not often seen, remaining consistent with democracy, though it ceased to exist because the ruling group literally does what he wants . It is the dictatorship of the party, with liberty nor security without law. As in other progressive countries: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. Argentina’s situation is bad and may get worse. To divert the attention and stimulate a national unity enforced as General Leopoldo Galtieri tries in the early 80’s when military dictatorships came to a total wear, the England is challenging President reopening the wound on the power of the Malvinas Islands (Falkland Islands). The latest polls indicate that the site exists offshore contract oil and Kristin is making your mouth water. Issued a presidential decree that says: “All ships seeking to transit between ports on mainland Argentina and the Falklands and Argentine waters through the Malvinas, or carrying merchandise between the ports, you must request prior authorization from the Argentine government.” If the president thinks to intimidate the British and Argentine claims that the army – the extremists of his stint destroyed – left to defend it, can be unpleasant surprises. With his country will know how far she can play. The Peronists have done whatever they wanted with the Argentines raising the image of their late leader, left, right, dictators and democrats used at your convenience. But if you think you can intimidate the English, is making his last error.