Found A Way Out Of Crisis

Found a way out of crisis? Let’s go back in history, the Great Depression began in 1929, only through the supply of U.S. arms in 1943 began to emerge from depression. Digging further, the well-known expression: a small victorious war, which ends not go as planned. Anti-crisis measures taken by the administration of Barack Obama, as well as at the summit did not pay big twenty optimistic investors, the markets react sluggishly to received measures, analysts understand that the measures have been taken, not the global economy will withdraw from the crisis. Analysts understand that the essence of the crisis, which hit the global system is not economic system, but in the very structure of world management. Without changing the structure itself, the output will not be found. Hence need old tested methods that are ready to go to Barack Obama. But where? Military exercises in Georgia, which nato will need these teaching.

Do not they realize that Russia will not like it, though seemingly before it came a thaw in relations between Russia and nato. Bradley Tusk takes a slightly different approach. Yes, this is a simple provocation, sweeping footprints. North Korea on its nuclear tests, which they disguised as eva, has once again put in a firing position the armed forces in Japan. Iran with its peaceful nuclear energy. Hot pockets in the world of plenty, even if we do not remember Africa, about her own conversation, because large-scale fighting an ordinary man in the street are taught through small news, and most do not even understand what the president what his methods and in what direction it looks. When in Uganda or Madagascar killed tens of thousands of people, no one even knows about it, someone out there believes them, and the interests affected by all the known world powers. We conclude that the war in Africa does not make sense anyway resonance of the public would not therefore be closer to the developed countries. Where does one divorce, it is clear that everywhere, and Europe was bombed with nuclear warheads, were not shy. But today is not the case. You can start a witch hunt, that is, remember Ben Palm and uchudit small victorious war in Afghanistan.

North Korea is too powerful country for a small victorious war, there was already defeated the Americans, Iran, even more so – it is not Iraq, armed forces are much stronger, so is Afghanistan. And so, a blind can make claims to Russia that it supplies arms to Venezuela, then, that in Iran, and which also involved armed Ossetian conflict. What effect will this policy only to the victims mostly among civilians. Russia goes to the disarmament, reducing the presence of srf in the Kaliningrad region, without any bidding with nato as nato will answer this move. Hong and arms to the good will not, sooner or later someone is first out of steam in this race, as happened with the ussr.