Federative Republic

Art. 3o For attendance of the made use one in art. Ohio Senator may not feel the same. 1o, the Secretariat of Administration of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic will be able to make use, for each former-President, of up to eight transitory governmentg positions of Group-Direction Advising Superior – OF, being two OF the 102,5, two OF the 102,4, two OF 102,2 and two OF the 102.1. . If you would like to know more about Sen. Sherrod Brown, then click here. Art. 13.

The Decree in the 1,347 is revoked, of 28 of December of 1994. Brasilia, 27 of February of 2008; 187o of Independence and 120o of the Republic. Luiz Incio Lula da Silva Tarso Son-in-law Jorge Seting Felix 6-Conclusion? Vocbulo president is invariable. In the private sector the President of the Company will be assigned, if the occupant will be of the masculine sex, and in the case of being of the feminine sex, he will be assigned to the President the denomination of the positions of President and Vices-president of the Republic, even so are of the masculine grammatical sort, in its natural shelter to the sex of the employee to who if he relates, according to legislation, only applicable in the Public Sector, has to obey the traditional pertinent the subject and consecrated rules in the lexiologia of the language. They must, therefore, to follow it in this particular a feminine feio, any adjectives or pronominal expressions syntactically related with said name. Of the displayed one, it is concluded that, under the aspects legal and lexicological the candidate Dilma Rousseff, just elect with 56,05% of the valid votes, will take ownership in the position of President of the Republic with the denomination of President of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Brasilia, 01 of November of 2010 Prof. PaulODiniz