Faster Justice

Readers would like to share an idea that was published in the magazine sees 16/01/2011, p 44. Where ours illustrious Cezar Peluso president of the STF, makes one criticizes, believes I, to Brazilian justice, alleging that a male defendant with good lawyer alone goes pra chain after being judged in four instances judicial being it finishes it the Supreme Federal Court. Ours Illustrious President of the STF Doctor Cezar Peluso, wants that punishment to the male defendant in second tier is imposed, is about a proposal to be charged and to be prepared for the minister of justice, Jose Eduardo Cardoso so that if she becomes reality, through a Constitutional Emendation. The idea of the Illustrious Doctor Cezar Peluso so that this punishment is imposed is excellent, but is an investigation we who we are part of the society and the legal system, will be that it goes to advance some thing or will only be plus a Constitutional Emendation in our legal system? ‘ ‘ Because until today, our justice acts is in way, disproportionate the certainties individuals if are that it can call individuals. It is a penalty that our legal system provides advantages for these individuals that commit scandalous infractions, hideous crimes, politicians stealing brazenly, filmings that if become concrete tests that put these types of delinquents in the chain ‘ ‘ without right until defesa’ ‘ , although that our legal system of the right to the male defendant legal defense, but the question is not legal defense, but, yes, leaving these untied delinquents in the streets without the had cabveis punishments. A great example is the dry law, where many of the infractors is not made responsible by its acts and the minority can yes pay for its acts, but which is the reason? The money or a good lawyer? I know that they are two factors that make with that they burlem our law, our emendations constitutional bringing to the families disgust for our judiciary system where only the weak ones lose. It will be that we go to invent something that in which it only goes to fill a white place in our Constitution? We go to make to be valid what this in our constitution. If justice is for all because some continue unpunished? Until when we go to create laws and more laws, Emendation more Emendations Constitutional if we do not fulfill the one that already we have in hands..