Failure And Chaos In The Copenhagen Summit

Once again a very important summit fails to whom we had this plan to Earth, where their goal was not achieved as well as comments The Copenhagen summit on climate is a failure that undermines the UN social credit and prove the inability of world leaders to agree on a common project essential for the survival of humanity. So it says that the world press described their perception of it, for example the American newspaper The Washington Times denounced the "failure" of the world's leaders to reach agreements, evoking a "cold day for Obama in Denmark." For The Washington Post, who spoke of an agreement "lacks ambition", "governments should do better." The paper urges the U.S. Senate to adopt the law on climate currently blocked in Congress. For the Danish newspaper 'Berlingske Tidende', conservative ideas, "the world's leaders were willing, at any given time, to conclude an agreement will not was in the appointment. "While" the most chaotic of the conferences should give the UN a major reason for examination of conscience "as an editorial in this newspaper.

To 'Politiken' center-" the failure is global , not local. "The reality is that the world is not mature enough to be governed in community," he adds. "The fiasco of Copenhagen or the limits of world government ', has called the French newspaper' Le Monde ', as that "the meeting turned to the disorder and illustrated the growing strength of China." The text adopted "abandons the philosophy of the Kyoto Protocol, which imposes a limitation to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas to its participants," added rotativoc reference The Portuguese newspaper 'Jornal de Noticias' remarks: "The multilateral trading system established by the United Nations has proved a failure and will not solve the problem that threatens humanity." Copenhagen teaches us several lessons.