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And having no beginning and no end he has. God has always been and always will be. God – out of time. God is always there. So he called the eternal “14, p.26-28.

God eternal (Pasl.89: 3; Is.40: 28). In accordance with Article 1 of the Declaration of the divine, spiritual, and moral rights and freedoms of 23.11.2010g., 1.Osnovu divine, spiritual, and moral rights and freedoms Rights of Love. 2.Slova Love and God are equivalent. Due to the fact that God is love, God is eternal, love is the eternal and universal values obschevselenskoy. Thus, Russia’s national idea was originally laid down in the preamble to the basic law of the country as we transfer the principal of eternal human values – love, which should be at the head of our lives and laws. List References 1.

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