European Parliament

The acme of embarrassment is not having it. Or sense of the ridiculous to express his contempt for the institutions of the European Union. Although it seemed that the Prime Minister of Italy, Berlusconi, had surpassed all the dimensions of the histrionics, just suggest as candidates to the European Parliament to beautiful women to encourage electoral participation of citizens. But Europeans need supranational structures to meet the challenges of a society in transit. We can not throw overboard the efforts of eminent politicians who have worked for a better, more just and solidary, more responsible and United Europe as Jean Monet, Schuman, Spaak, Adenauer, De Gasperi and Spinelli, and many others. We sailed slowly, writes Lluis Bassets, with fixed direction, but without any security that does not finish giving the pitfalls that are drawn on the horizon.

And in these poor conditions the elections to the European Parliament and the new Commission that should lead the European Affairs over the next five years will be chosen. Strange someone seen the baroque of the European institutions, which citizens feel poorly motivated? We are talking about, in spite of everything, the institution better valued by citizens according to the Eurobarometer. British Professor, Timothy Garton Ash, expressed dismay at the lack of call and democratic will in direct elections that will decide according to national and local issues. In most of these countries, the electors who will vote will take the opportunity to express their views on parties, personalities and national Governments. What did each Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg during the past five years, what is contained in the programmes of the so-called European parties, as the European people’s Party and the Party of European Socialists, and what are the big issues that will be discussed are issues that will meet with Supreme voter indifference. What you won’t have is a political debate at European level on the future of Europe.