Europe Advertising

Since their emergence has passed not many years, but this new way of communication has become a serious and performed well advertising channel. First appeared in North America and the European part of the world, new-found idea of mailing Best for promotion of various goods and services to swiftly conquer the world. As usual, the manifest and the reverse side of the coin. Unscrupulous corporations began to sell a database of phone numbers of other clients stakeholders, and cell phones of people of European powers were overwhelmed unwanted sms lists – in other words just spam. Naturally, such an advertising product is nothing but bad reactions cause regular consumers could not. After a time, mobile wireless operators have set strict limits on sending messages while driving (among other things, in our country with you sending sms advertising form without the consent of the recipient is also illegal) and get rid of unpleasant burden of the past send sms messages have become famous and a great tool. Just how widespread this way of mutual dialogue Companies with subscribers, eloquent figures: each quarter mobile phones in Europe get about a hundred million advertising sms. Another huge and widespread mobile marketing channel has become the use of short numbers.

In general, over the past few years, this area was the distance from the first successful test to public use. For some companies, 4-digit number has become an analogue site. Four- rates enable buyers to be aware of current news and participate in promotions and events company, to evaluate the marketing efforts of companies to evaluate new-fangled products companies, ask questions, etc. What predetermined so effective and comprehensive success sms lists and short numbers? To the surprise of the companies here have coincided two diametrically opposed conditions. On the one hand, the common types of commercial customers today pall. Today we are all perfectly able to ignore the ads on tv, to avoid advertising in print and do not take into account road stretch.

On the side opposite the younger generation absorbs perfectly fashionable technological developments, and quite sympathetic to their use for promotional purposes. Why is this or that company may use sms notification? List is quite extensive. You can easily inform about new products and services. Advise infatuate impressive customer discounts, all sorts of stocks, lower prices, as well as tell about the possible gifts that are waiting impatiently for his purchase. At the same time gift baskets can be personalized, taking into account the special merits and achievements of each individual. Can inform about some the particulars is extremely important to most buyers. Several people can use sms messages to inform about the stages of the order, which is very convenient. Of course, this kind of sms sending is not too massive, and personalized. Key features sms mailings – a cheap price of the consumer, the objective the ability to automate itself sending and managing customer base, guaranteed transfer sms messages to the client directly in the hands, the ability to refer to him by name, regardless of the location of the client. Except Among other things, the use in business mailing sms adds corporate image contours of modernity and innovation.