Engine Construction

The wealth of stories, legends and the quantity of tricks will constitute the used data base of cultural images in the interactive situations. To make use of such images are basic to instrumentalizar the child for the construction of the knowledge and its socialization. When playing the child puts into motion itself in search of partnership and the object exploration; she communicates yourself with its pairs; express through multiple languages; it discovers rules and it takes decisions (VYGOTSKY 1988, cited for, FRIEDMANN, 2003). To if thinking about the evolution of playing, it must be come back to the past, time in which playing age a characteristic activity in such a way of the children how much of the adults, representing for both an important segment of the life. The children participated of the festividades, leisure and games of the adults, but they had, at the same time, a separate sphere of games. The tricks were formulate condensed of life, models in miniature of history and destination of the humanity.

The trick was the social phenomenon of which all participated and were only that it lost its communitarian bonds and its religious symbolism, becoming well later individual (FRIEDMANN, 2003:28). According to Grandson (2001), playing through the movements, it allows to the child a set of relations (subject, the things, the space) necessary to its motor development, learning to perceive and to interacionar the vivid one, the operatrio and the mental one. The wealth of acquisitions processes of form continues and in plasticity, allowing later a basic motor culture the tasks most necessary and that they request greater requirement of the diverse structures or components of the motricidade. Thus the tricks are part of the playful-cultural patrimony, translating values, customs and forms of thought and teachings, providing to the children a basic motor culture to its development and its learning. Playing in the school In accordance with Moyles (2002: 26), exist three forms to play in the school where it is distinguished: Basic form Detail Examples To play Physical ample Engine Construction and Destruction Blocks to mount, clay, sand and wood.