Elena Nikolaeva

To operate successfully in this niche construction market, you need to seriously think about optimizing costs and increasing profitability. Path to estimate non-commercial building is usually a winning bid. For large companies with their own full cycle production and the ability to vary the prices of products in a wide range, it usually is not difficult. And those whose ability modest, can enlist the support of its partners. “We have created a program targeted support to its processors, with the participation in tenders – says Rafik Alekperov, head of department on work with clients propleks Group, one of the founders of the Russian market of pvc profiles. – First all, this is extra tender discounts, reduced costs for components and assist in optimizing production. As a result, it becomes possible to further reduce production costs by 15%.

As soon Speaking of tenders, it is appropriate to recall the program of reforming the housing sector. In the framework of today are held throughout the event on complex overhaul of housing subsidized by the federal and local budgets. For many companies, state and municipal contracts for repair works have now become the main source of income. In addition, extensive work on weatherization and renovation of residential buildings open no less opportunity for a successful business than building new facilities. Many major manufacturers are now considering this as a promising market. For example, the company PROMA-Window Supermarket won the tender for glazing, using the profile system PROPLEX-Comfort series of homes that came on the Moscow program overhaul of dilapidated housing stock. ” Also noteworthy is the market .

According to President of the National Agency for low-rise and cottage construction (NAMIX) Elena Nikolaeva, it remains liquid because of the absence of risk “. Finally, in difficult times it makes sense to think of barter. In particular it is relevant to construction in progress. Sometimes it is the only solution that allows to carry out payments between the developer and manufacturers of building materials in a situation where money for it is not there. “We’ve gone through times of barter, we can return to it and now” – says the president of the Association “Abetone” Vladimir Filippov. “We are ready to flexible measures, if only buyers are not hidden. It is not necessary to bring situation before the arbitration courts “- adds Igor Levit, ceo of lsr Group. The financial crisis was a serious test for the enterprises of the construction industry. For many companies, fell on hard times. However, the market still exists. Optimization of production and production value, a focus on government programs, participation in tenders, a partial shift to barter mutual settlements – these and other measures will help to keep the business and not “frozen” in time of global economic cooling. In the end, the crisis will not last forever and the situation is gradually stabilizing. And companies that are able to quickly reorganize and find its niche in the current circumstances, no doubt, will be much easier to recover their former position.