Electoral Schedule One

Observing the electoral schedule, that more seems hourly of mood is asked why in our country a law does not exist, where it can act as the one species of filter that determines lines of direction that the candidacy of somebody becomes apt. We saw doctors, colonels, football players, women fruits, singers, humoristas being that this last one characterizes the real period of training of ours politics. Not undeserving none of them for its professions, but what it takes in the majority of the cases a person to want to enter the politics? The will to generate jobs? To provide to the children an education of quality? To offer security, leisure, habitation? It will be? Or the chance that if has of ' ' to full bolsos' ' with easiness, to increase its patrimony the costs of that work sun the sun? This year we have something new. The project clean fiche. Perhaps with it diminishes a little the cases of corruption of the country (however I do not believe that it will go to be rank in practical here in my city), however to consist in the clean fiche does not mean in its totality honesty, much less that the citizen fulfills with its promises. It only means that it is not in debit with electoral justice, and that the dispute can concur. At last, one more time we will leave house, and we will give our future at the hands of that we find that they deserve.

As common voter, I ask for to the candidates a truce. That they try and I long for that they obtain to decide, or the least to brighten up our problems, problems these that all we know which are, education, health, security, habitation, basic sanitation of quality, situations that hinder a nation to follow ahead. I wait that the voter of this time has conscience of its vote, since to that they were in the power had not fulfilled its promises and that they steal money I publish, had been we ourselves we place that them there. Let us not commit error the same. That it deserves to that will have good proposals, that it has not passed ' ' negro' ' , and that the least seems to fulfill ahead with its debts of the people.