Egyptian Civilization

A civilization that goes back to 31 centuries before Christ, certainly has a history riqusima. In fact, many of their discoveries and inventions are used nowadays in many fields of the human activity, like the maquillaje, the locks and the syringes. One of these developments, loaded of symbolisms that are eternal for the human soul is the Egyptian tarot. The Egyptian tarot is originated in the very same genesis of its religion. The first outlines of the figures that nowadays compose the Egyptian tarot locate in the book of Thot, one of Egyptian sacred books. This mythical book thinks that in his first copy was realised in true gold leaves. Amazon has similar goals. It was dedicated to Thot, the Greek God of the writing and the languages.

Thot was usually represented like a man squatting with head of Ibis the bird sagrada of the Egyptians, with a papyrus in its skirt. In this book the predictions about the future and happening of the time would be expressed and history. So it is the origin of the Egyptian tarot. Hermes, the alejandrino wise person, was considered by many like the reincarnation of God Thot, and thinks that he was the creator of the Egyptian tarot. Hermes was the creator of the arcane majors, having itself found in its tomb a stone with the first engravings of which they would be the illustrations that we know the arcane ones of the Egyptian tarot nowadays. The book of Thot is previous to pyramids, and in fact he is one of older documents of writing of those than registry in the history of the humanity has existed.

One was made up, according to relate chronicles of 78 pure gold laminae, with the figures of the arcane majors and minors, and in its content was expressed what it gives to origin to all the others. This way we see as from the beginning one settles down to arcane of the Egyptian tarot like mass media between the mortals and the divinities of further on, the other world that is beyond our earthly realities. Many students consider that the word tarot is originated of an Egyptian word that means to the real way. The importance of locating its origins allows to see how there are elements that extend to history of civilization, that is ether, that is presents us in the psychic character of all the men, for thousands of years. For that reason, the Egyptian tarot never can be taken like a simple code, to so arcane correspond such meaning, but it is a mystical form of which, by means of the tarotista, the person can perceive what is beyond this world.