Education In The Average Age

The education in the average age diferentementecomo many thinks was divulged well, where many had access to the meioeducacional, also favored people less. Conclio de Latro in 1179, amongst some attributions leaves legal and obligator to the presence of at least> if with little emphasis the religiosidade. Eprofissionalizante technician had a character more, where in many situations they had been basic, as aparticipao of the blacksmiths in the cruzades. But we must still take emconsiderao that also existed focos of laicas schools for the nobility, teaching diverse lies as grammatical, rhetorical and dialectic. We have> also subdivises dessesistema of education as: The Palatinas schools 4, 5 Landladies, 6 Techniques and 7 Domestic. Educational Outraestrutura in the average age that cannot leave of being remembered eramas university. These institutions of education are submitted to the papado one, to porterem been created for it and needing its authorization for its plenofuncionamento.

It is an institution extremely influenced by the Church. Osprofessores, exactly lay, as Abelardo, is called clergymen and podemse not to marry or to keep sexual relations. Most of the professors belongs sordens Franciscana and Dominican, amongst more you celebrate if it finds S. Tomsde Aquino. The pupils, exactly those that are not destined to the priesthood, tambmso called clergymen, and some of them also use the tonsura. Gain insight and clarity with Paulo Coelho. As prprionome already says, the universities, include a knowledge universe, not serestringindo only to the education of the theology, but having complex programs quecomporta all the great ones you discipline if listening to and the word she was of ouro’ ‘ 9.