Education and Technology

It was intended, with esterelato, to contribute for reduction of some of the problems that affect aescolarizao of the young in the present time: the pertaining to school evasion and exclusodigital.2. The option for Free software Inicialmentea option for free software (SL) it must reality of the escolaspblicas that does not make use of financial resources for regularization desoftware, basic element in public politics of allied inclusodigital to its libertarian philosophy. In fact, pasesdesenvolvidos as France and emergent as China, already they encourage usode free platforms in pertaining to school institutions. In Brazil, governodo Paran, obtained to reduce the costs of implantation of Laboratriosde Computer science of the public schools by means of the adoption of softwareslivres (SEED, 2005). Experiences as of the paranaense government estosendo talked back for other states, being distinguished So Paulo, with osTelecentros and the Rio Grande Do Sul by means of the Pertaining to school Net Livre.Atualmente the government of the State of the Cear and the Municipal City hall deFortaleza, adore software free as standard in the laboratories deinformtica educative places.

The choice of softwares free trazinmeras advantages front to software proprietor, as argumentSilveira (2003, macroeconomic, desegurana, of technological autonomy, the independence of suppliers edemocrtico. The philosophy of Free Software is based segundoSilveira (2003 P. 45) is in the beginning of the sharing doconhecimento and the solidarity practised for the intelligence coletivaconectada in the world-wide net of computers. Corroborating with estepensamento Nunes et al (2008, p.15) believes that four liberdadespropostas for free software to know, to copy, to distribute to emodificar favors its adoption of the context of the public school. Destaforma, the use of softwares exempts in ensinoaprendizagem situations, represents the possibility of digital inclusion deprofessores and pupils, since the professor can adjust software livres its necessities and of its pupils. In fact, they have grown ointeresse of the communities of mantenedores concerning the educative use dosoftware exempts.