Duofix Design

They are mounted in a pair with hidden cistern, which visually makes the design extremely easy and even graceful. By the way, the versatility of this scheme reveals almost unlimited possibilities for placing the foot and provides a new approach to the organization of space in the bathroom. Thanks to the installation, which is a metal frame with feet and wall mounts, built-in toilet can be installed either on the bearing wall (eg, models Dal Uniset from GROHE; Kombifix from GEBERIT), and at the curtain partition (model Duofix from GEBERIT). In addition, there are models of installation systems trapezoidal shape, allowing install hanging toilet in the corner of the room (for example – the system installation from the company grohe (Germany)). Exotics lovers will be pleasantly surprised Japanese toilets. So, the engineers of Matsushita and Inax, in addition to the unique design, add your production lots of other useful features.

Their 'smart' toilets have all kinds of functions: one at the approach of the host light up 'the joy of the upcoming dialogue' and can play softly hundreds of songs depending on the your mood, while others approach their responsibilities more seriously – urine test measures the blood sugar and cholesterol and even send test results to the medical center. However, for this would need to be further connect the toilet to the Internet. Feel free to implement our plans Modern plumbing devices and appliances are capable of much more than just make our life beautiful and carefree! These essential assistants were kind of "magic wand" to solve some problems that arise during the implementation of some design ideas, coupled with a comprehensive redevelopment interior of individual home. For example, quite often even the most attractive projects were rejected because of the inconvenient location of sewer riser, because its transport, and especially the construction of additional material required financial costs. And only with the advent of autonomous sewer systems have homeowners an opportunity to equip, for example, an additional bathroom or kitchen to move to another room for a significant removal from the sewer riser and even below the level of its occurrence. Note that these devices are able to "lift" everyday and sewage to a height of 5 m, or transport them across the network at a distance of 100 m. Unfortunately, Until recently, such systems are not extremely compact and elegant forms, besides, was quite noisy.

Industrial designers had to work hard to bring the installation in strict compliance with the time requirements. Example of successful decisions can serve as a model a number of facilities Sololift + aforementioned company grundfos. They considered the most aesthetic requirements for such products – the installation is extremely compact, made in bright colors, are soft-rounded line corps. Installation harmoniously fit into any decor, whether it's a toilet, a stylish bathroom and comfortable kitchen. * Thus, the desire to elevate your home – the desire to fully realized. Thousands of our compatriots have long embodied the most ambitious design ideas. Therefore – safely change the situation, reincarnate the interior space, improving engineering systems, and our house will sparkle with new paint, delighting more than one generation living in their aesthetics, comfort and functionality!