Document Fact

In fact, the least since Vatican Conclio II, the idea of a renewed evangelizadora action, that if it obtains to make efficient in some cultures, gains new breath and the Church translates, through it, also, a renewal of its commitment of faith and evangelizao. Obviously this trend searchs to flood the Church of a deep sense of respect for the diverse cultures, without opening hand of the fact of that the Truth is possible of being announced in all they. After half century of Conclio, none of these ideas would have to be newness in the seio of the same Church and the important Document reading as ' ' Gaudium et Spes' ' already if it would have to incorporate in daily of the ministers and the lay fidiciary offices. The fact is that the ways of the people of God if had not given so well of this form and the crooked roads that had followed the same in half century, became urgent the idea to rethink the evangelizadora action in the world and the ways that the proper Church followed. On the other hand, the societies, especially of spirit ocidentalizado, had tried deep changes in its way of economic, scientific production and same in social relations, in special, the affective relations. Although the world has obtained advances technician never before seen, it has attended the incredible possibilities as space trips and transplants of agencies, for example, such had not been enough to extinguish the injustice and the lack of fraternity between the men. In this meantime, the necessity of an incarnate Church, audible voice to all, became each more urgent time, in the measure where this necessity if reflected inside of the proper Church. Under the light of Conclio and guided by the Spirit, in times of deep atribulaes, the faith catholic searched answers to these difficulties, of where expressions, people and documents had appeared that had allowed seno to give handle to as many questions, the least to reencontrar the hlito of the Creator to blow in its seio.