Digital Invoice

Directive Soft announced the incorporation of electronic invoicing in Compiere ERP from the hand of the KSI Digital security company, company that recently has signed an agreement as a technological partner of Directive Soft. The Digital invoice arises from the need to manage, securely, the high number invoices and receipts associated with the business activity of a company, in the process of shipping and handling of documents. This company of Navarre, expert in safety management systems and specialized in encrypted digital, will provide all the necessary technical support to provide Compiere ERP solutions focusing on the security and protection. Thanks to this agreement, Directive Soft may offer customers of Compiere ERP integrated solutions with a contribution of maximum reliability and safety in the treatment of business documentation, ensuring implementations of maximum quality and total guarantee thanks to the high degree of technology offered by the services offered by both companies. Directive Soft shares the vision of KSI Digital Security, in its Search extend a culture of collaboration between ICT companies and free software organizations, that leverage and enhance the mutual products on security in information technology and communication.