Democratic Governments

Men of democracy will have great distrust against each other, because for them the only thing able to exercise justice and power, is the Government they have chosen and never accepted the Justice of an equal, what is more, it repudiara and You will be rejected. The democratic Government will be a power center that it will always be in favour of uniformity, this causes a complicity between the individual and the Government, the latter never will do anything affecting men and they do not deem it. Being assumed that the Government wants what citizens, and hated what they hate. Democratic Governments must have a balance for the exercise of power, avoid at all costs the centralization of power although this comes from the people, then how to achieve this division of powers? Power must be active and strong, but you should not abuse this against men, them, the individuals of the era of democracy, they should keep strong and willing to prevent the Government use its power to require or sacrificing the rights of a few by achieving an overall good, since each individual must leave benefit with their designs and not harmed. There is the absolute equality then? Or is it relative to the capabilities of each and that identifies us as different? Why try to do big things at the expense of men, without worry about them really, but seek a particular benefit? Equality, is not precisely the most correct way to achieve human independence, is more a pathway that is full of dangers. Democracies love too much power, feeling of wanting all the benefits and not get conceive hatred towards those who wield the power and are not happy because each man has his priorities and needs and not everyone favors them the same by not having an absolute equality as democracy demand it.