Cuban Communist Party

Trachea was expected to manifest the first complaint, criticism of Fidel Castro’s newly elected president Barack Obama north American with respect to Guantanamo, the enthusiasm was short-lived idea Fidel give way to new expectations of rapprochement with the United States and made the first criticism, as noted. If to accuse him of conditioning the return to Cuba for the Guantanamo base and his compassion for the Palestinian genocide against supporting Israel. The ailing Cuban leader, 82, was launched in depth at its last remark on Obama to continue to cross the line with George W. Bush’s arrogance, abuse of power and violating international law. Castro quoted the American president’s statements, linking the release of the basis of their impact on his country’s defense capability and the concessions made in Havana, ELO equivalent to the requirement of a change in its political system, a price against which Cuba has struggled for half a century, Cuba claims since 1959, the return of the territory since 1901 is used as a military base, and more recently as a jail for Afghan war prisoners accused of terrorism. The first is still Cuban Communist Party secretary, the highest authority on the island, said a recent statement posted on the website of the U.S. government to support the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, the main ally in the region, and the right of Israel to protect their security. According to Castro, the position of Obama and Joseph Biden Vice president Bush policy. How to share the genocide against the Palestinians in which our friend has fallen Obama adds trachea should be remembered former President Fidel a on one occasion praised the character of Obama who believes it could help change a little damaged image United States in recent years although also expressed doubt that one person could change years of confrontation.