In the town there were very few soldiers, perhaps they were attacked and they went on the attack. Alexei capture of the city were not so many soldiers and Some were hungry, and even wounded. His spies sniff that the army went to war against Nicaea city Heraclea, who attacked them a few days ago. Alex had to take the city to return his army back and to apply severe injury to the city, which would then settle down there for some time. Alex knew that at the main entrance go pointless. He decided to bypass the city on the other side and smash the wall until the archers are firing with slingers. Alex decided to make a battering ram to break through the wall. Spear Alexis went to the woods and cut wood for the frame and drag the logs.

They did a frame, and the largest timber hung on the ropes in the frame and the pointed end logs put the iron tip. So, the Crusaders went around the city behind and quickly broke the wall, while archers versed with slingers. And suddenly there was a clatter of hooves – is the army of Nicaea was returning from a hike at Hercules. The battle between the Crusaders and Turks. In this battle, the Crusaders were defeated, and Alex with five spearmen fled to the rest of the army. During this time his main army found a small oasis near the sea and gathered there water, dates, coconuts, bananas, olives and wild grapes.