Cortez Mazatlan

The festive atmosphere prevails at the docks, since tourists and locals participate in these exciting events and expect the competitors to the docks, to cheer them no matter who pulled the biggest fish or return that country are; how important is support teams and celebrate, and noted once again joy and charm that characterizes the Mazatlecos. Marina Mazatlan has a surface of 590.7 acres, his master plan includes residential lots, hotels, shopping malls, condominiums, 1,200 docks for rent, tennis club, beach club, and golf course of 18 holes designed by the prestigious David N. Fleming. Golf course was carefully designed so it could combine the fun and the challenge for golfers Rookies as experienced, also surrounded by the natural beauty of our lush vegetation as are the bugambilias, obelisks, Cup of gold, and palm trees. The exclusive beach club is located the area of Sabalo-cerritos Beach which is one of the beaches most safe and beautiful in Mazatlan, the club boasts Spa, restaurant-bar, showers, dressing rooms, and infinity pool; This concept was very well accepted by the residents of Marina, who enjoy both the beach and the privacy. The Convention Center as part of the new marina, opens up a whole new category of Mazatlan tourism, with world-class concerts and events and offering the best facilities. The best bars, restaurants and cafes are in this area and all marine residents have right of use for all and each of the services and facilities that marina offers. Houses and condominium projects are varied, and although all are very beautiful and impressive, there is one for every taste and specific needs and which fully fills your expectations.

That gives you to Mazatlan Real estate a new scale and a great added value. From my point of view I could say that the best and most beautiful and full development is Marina Costa Bonita, which combines in one, excellent facilities and services, its luxurious condominiums and its beautiful gardens, is also the only Marina, which is opposite the beach. If you don’t have a yacht yet, don’t worry, Marina offers you different fleets of sport fishing and recreation, so you can rent a yacht or boat for a day to go fishing or to stroll through the Islands, to swim, snorkel, or other water sports, have fun and relax. The fantastic location of the new marina, makes it unique, since it is just inside the entrance to the sea of Cortez and shares with Pacific Ocean waters, and this makes it the safest Navy throughout the area. The fact of being conveniently close to United States, Canada and many States of the Republic, makes it the first choice for sailors and sailors in search of warm waters beaches and idyllic Islands. A large percentage of the nautical community comes from United States and Canada since found in Mazatlan, a great quality of life, safety and friendly people. Now Mazatlan is home for them.