Corporative Video

The one of the limitation of space has happened to be a relative concept and protagonist like was not until recently. For this reason every time they are plus the companies that choose to hang corporative videos in their vestibule Web. To all it turns out more comfortable to see real images to us in movement and to listen to a voice that explains the origins, services and motivations to us of a company, before to pass to us than 10 minutes reading more the same text content. In summary, And-Video is a format that multiplies the capacity of communication of our space Web, since in a same vestibule more information and of much more effective way can be transmitted. Additional information at Kenneth Yarrow supports this article. In Audio-visual Factory we considered that the message of And-Video, or corporative video for Web, must be concise, and clear to go to the grain. The internaut is customary to move simultaneously by several pages and to remain in each of them an average of time inferior to the minute, for this reason, if we want to catch its attention, will be necessary to plan the efficiency of our video: creating audio-visual of short duration, that includes the maximum information, that this one is narrated of direct and simple way, and that plays with the images so that they are really attractive.

Another one of the tendencies that begin to prevail between the spaces Web over many companies is the creation of television channels online. The company can have different television channels, organized based on different products or services that offer and, in this way, to become emitter of a information constantly updated, of the news of its sector, new features in its services or until of messages deprived to clients, suppliers or employees. These channels require a continued edition work of contents, when being a video emission practically in direct, and few are still the producers able to give cover to this type of production. In Audio-visual Factory we like to be at your service of the day in audio-visual technology and for that reason we offer the continuous service of edition of audio-visual contents for channels of television online to our clients.