Corporative Social

Corporative Social nets the corporative social nets are an innovative scene of web 2.0? used term to describe the second generation of the World Wide Web, trend that strengthens the virtual concept of exchange of information and contribution of internautas with sites and services. They are platforms on-line that people with interest in definitive company, mark or group add. In these nets it is possible that the production and distribution of content are made by any person, of any place of the world. To invest in corporative social nets mainly means to center the production of content related to the company or the group.

Street-vendor (2010) explains that the importance to adopt a corporative social net for its company is an innovation form placing the available company for the consumers and employees aiming at an investment in new format that brings returns for the mark, this, it detaches four important factors: Contribution, Visibility, internal Integration, Enrollment with the public. The contribution makes possible the correction of errors, the complementation of ideas and the insertion of new information on the company making possible the interaction between the members, basic for the enrollment and the production of content, the meeting of the employees of a company in a proper social net and the possibility of generation of content for internautas are strategies that assure greater visibility to the mark. It sees in the internal Integration by means of the social nets the best way that the employees of the company have knowledge on the mark and the organization. in the Enrollment with the public, the corporative social net makes possible the interaction between people. If the net will be opened, the connection could be established between different niches of customers, consumers and of the too much members. The interaction enters the users can still be facilitated by means of applicatory of the proper net.