Corporative Reputation

The period of present crisis that we are living must serve us to do merit to us of all the arms that we arrange to leave ahead and to be able to emphasize against third parties, which requires not only to re-invent, but to review what we are doing and we do since it. It is not easy to reframe the things when they are thought that they are becoming or, or march at least moderately or; but to take care of the image and to take it as one of the main assets of creation of value in the companies is almost to have of forced fulfillment for the model of present market. The corporative reputation, so fashionable now, must be considered from all the possible slopes. It is not only enough to have a good position in a finder or power to go or to the consumers or potentials clients. One of the majors challenges which we faced is the confidence. And which is the paper of marketing against it? We must associate the company to values of confidence, like the security, the sustainability, the tranquillity and the good one for doing, turning it into a competitive advantage. A clean and positive image of the company it can influence of direct and proportional way in the sales. The democratization of the new technologies does not give margin to any class of error in this sense.

The paper of marketing in many occasions has been sold products and services that are offered with the unique purpose of generating yield without perceiving the real image that is passed on or the opinions that spill the users like results of the aggressiveness of the company. It is by that Marketing at the moment tends, and must tender, to focus to generate value and confidence between the social protagonists. All the companies need that exercise self-diagnosis that has like result a re-engineering of the processes and a reframing in the concept of the enterprise communication. udea Security of the Information Ivn Ontan Branches Legal department