Corporative Government

All work of investigation has introduction to have previous knowledge on the subject investigation matter. In such sense the present will have introduction. Once in a while they appear new features in the right that corresponds to study, to spread and to apply in such sense are that now we will study and spread a new subject as he is the corporative government who just acquires importance in our means recently time, thus is clear that to study it we must choose recent bibliography. That is to say, if we consulted old sources of intelligence we will not be able to study the same. The corporative government has been studied for some decades abroad, but in the Peruvian state only for some years, thus it has been clear that few know this new direction, that looks for to study the form of administration of the companies and legal people being applied new principles, for that reason is spoken of good corporative government and bad corporative government, thus all we must be oriented towards the first option, in such sense we will study next the corporative government.