Corporative Education

Today it was I resell some works made during the college and found interesting to share with vocs one of them on corporative education. Good reading, until next post: The corporative Education consists of a process of perfectioning and update of knowledge, aiming at to improve the qualification technique and professional, according to Mundium (2002; 63). It is a type of permanent, continuous education and that it turns around one same nucleus of concern: the development of the company. This concept of training was born in the decade of 80, in the United States, where it is practised for more than 2 a thousand companies. In Brazil this number is well more modest, but it went up of 10 for 170 in the last decade. The example of multinationals as the SIEMENS, that it searchs to enable and to develop its body of professionals and still to improve the productivity and the quality of the services.

The main objective of the corporative Education is to prevent that the professional if outdates professionally in the technique, cultural and, and loses its capacity of to exert the profession with ability and efficiency, being caused disreputation to the profession and leaving the professional with incapacity sensation. Belief exists in organizations Brazilian of that the people alone give to importance to the external factors and not to the content of the proper work carried through, that characterizes, for its time the motivation. Of this form, one program of corporative education must not only take care of to the external factors of satisfaction in relation to the process of learning inside of the company, with also finding and adopting organizacionais and educational resources capable not to suffocate inherent the motivacionais forces to the proper people, but yes to motivate them. Corporative education Until the decade of 80, the continued education was an academic exclusiveness, for a privileged group of people that presented conditions of if bringing up to date. Currently the continued education is not plus an academic exclusiveness, but an imposition of the market of work, motivated mainly for the technological and economic changes, therefore it only leaves of being also to be incorporated update as requalification concept. The companies are optimizing the time and reducing the costs through the corporative Education. The challenge biggest is to create an education environment in which all employee of the company it understands the importance of the continuous learning tied the enterprise goals. Because the great majority is accustomed with the process of beginning, way and end, where the pupil if form and stop to learn. But the corporative university encourages to the fight for the continuity of our qualifications during all our professional life.