Corporate Reputation

The period of crisis that we are experiencing has to serve us to let us avail of all the weapons that we have to move forward and be able to highlight against the third party, which requires not only reinvent, but reviewing what we are doing and how we do it. It is not easy to rethink things when you believe that they are doing well, or at least are going fairly well; but take care of the image and take it as one of the main assets of value creation in businesses is almost an obligatory duty for the current market model. Corporate reputation, so fashionable now, should be considered from all possible aspects. Not only enough to have a good position in a search engine, or be able to go either to consumers or potential customers. One of the biggest challenges facing us is trust. And what is the role of the marketing face of this? We must associate the company values of trust, such as security, sustainability, tranquility and good doing, turning it into a competitive advantage.

An image clean and positive company can influence of direct and proportional way in sales. The democratization of new technologies does not give any kind of error margin in this regard. The role of marketing on many occasions has been sold to products and services offered for the sole purpose of generating profitability without perceiving the actual image that is transmitted or the opinions that poured the users as a result of the aggressiveness of the company. This is why Marketing currently tends, and should aim to focus on generating value and trust between social actors. All businesses need this exercise of self-assessment that has as a result a reengineering of the processes and a refocusing on the concept of business communication. Audea security of the information Ivan Ontanon Ramos Department Legal