Corporate Clients

The quality of service and information technology are two of the most exploited factors in finding and attracting new customers in the corporate area for the travel agencies in Bolivia in the past two years. It is important to framing corporate customer as one who uses the services of an agency of travel to plan and implement workplace travel and business itself. After gradual, but steady, decline of commissions from airlines and the emergence of the FEE in return as an important element for the subsistence of travel agencies, had to justify to the customer why is last had to pay for a service that not did before; and that eventually came to be thought of as an unnecessary step to the achievement of an airline ticket, book a hotel, a transfer and/or other additional services that may be required; What led to the abuse in the emphasis, within the commercial proposals, quality of service and information technology. Despite being a factor very exploited to attract customer, in regards to information technology is working very little in reality, still very poor what can offer to the client as an added value in aspects of communication through web pages, extranet, mobile, among others, to allow easier and faster to do the services. Another aspect to consider is the low reliability that the client has in technological tools, as well as the little friendliness that still have these channels of communication. Even so, and even though it would have done a better job within the information technology, this is only a complement to the most important factor for a client, the quality of the service. To design quality of service first must determine what are the requirements and expectations of external customers; and within the provision of services, in the corporate area, there are 3 categories of sub customers for each company that works with a travel agency.