The invention of various entities such as cooperatives has facilitated various processes such as the acquisition of loans or credits and at the same time to facilitating assistance systems for entrepreneurs entrepreneurs, thus becoming an entity of vital importance in the lives of people who wish to begin with a company. Cooperatives are entities created the voluntary Union of various people who want to offer both aid advisor, cultural and economically to people such as micro- and macroempresarios. Usually a cooperative rules are based on the principles that the partners agree, however today and thanks to the great heyday that from its beginnings had this type of entities, some countries are including within its laws some clauses specific to these corporations must comply fully. Today thanks to the number of services offered by cooperatives these can be categorized in various ways; Some are among the best known as: agricultural cooperative: this is based on providing services in agricultural specific indole, a clear example of this is to provide assistance for agricultural production. Associated work cooperative: these are based on its partners offer the possibility to provide employment either by half or full time.

Savings and credit cooperative: it is based on providing the option of credit and savings to their partners and third parties. Housing cooperatives: are based on offering its partners the possibility of obtaining housing, a local or an immovable by means of savings or credit in the cooperative. Tourism cooperative: these are based on offer to its partners or people of the common, the option to save or to provide credits exclusively tourist purposes. Users and services cooperative: these are based on offer to its partners or third-party acquisition or joint selling of specific products or services that such a co-operative may acquire. Cooperativa de servicios: these are based on its partners offer some services such as advice and attention in various activities such as field agricultural or business. Although there are many more types of cooperative which are presented at the present time, those already mentioned are cooperatives that play essential roles in modern society. It is important to keep in mind before becoming members of a cooperative, the objectives that we want to meet, because to take part in one of these entities must be part of it by certain time. An important aspect to emphasize in a cooperative are its principles, some of them as providing social equality, fairness in economic benefits and respect among its members; all of these contribute to this type of entities are considered as one of the most striking today. In synthesis, cooperatives are displayed before the people as one of the best options to achieve some specific goals, however it is important to mention that these being so varied require a great study before becoming part of them.