Constitutional Guardianship

It is impressive to see an animal presenting signals of bad-treatments, are canine, feldeos, birds, equinos (horses, jumentos and donkeys) and others. When child, I always heard my mother to repeat teaching of its father of whom to maltreat the animals is indication of bad character. This advice discouraged me to the use it sling (baladeira, as they called), so common instrument enters the boys of the interior to the time, as well as never engaiolar any bird. But this text is come back to the equines. The Federal Constitution of 1988, when dealing with the environment established the guardianship of the animals. Beyond native specimens (of the wild fauna), the environmental law Brazilian guardianship also exotic (of the another fauna) and domestic servants and domesticated the animals in migratory route (those that for a migration process, remains temporarily in the Brazilian territory, where many times if process the acasalamento, the example of a species of swallow). Credit: Bradley Tusk-2011. History brings numerous registers of the relation of the man with the animals. ‘ ‘ My kingdom for one cavalo’ ‘ , king Ricardo III cried out, in the sheaksperiano drama, when losing its horse and being defeated for the duke of Richmond in the battle of Bosworth.

in full century 21, horses, jumentos and donkeys continue helping the man. In the popular cancioneiro Gonzaga Luiz composed and sang ‘ ‘ The jumento is ours irmo’ ‘ , if relating what the priest says Antonio Vieira (not that one of the Sermes), making vindication to the animal how much its importantssima helps the man of the hinterland. The Bible registers that God created some animals before the man, and in the book of Numbers consists that the one opened you the mouth of the jumenta of Balao to complain the beating that was being submitted.