Congress of Deputies

This new portal of contents and bet hunting news clearly by the audiovisual contents about hunting, with its own production and themes that go beyond the typical lances, providing relevant information for fans to this ancestral activity for this have been launched two lines of work: a directed interviewing relevant characters related to the cinegetic and a second with great huntinglong field and lots of information of interest to hunters, in a line up to now not explored. The first deals with relevant characters who are willing to speak openly of hunting, its environment, its importance as a sector and its strategic nature for many rural areas, especially in times of crisis we are living. In the first two installments are interview with Andres Gutierrez, President of the RFEC, that speaks without setae on the language on issues topical institution, some as controversial as the Committee of inquiry into the eclogico Pellet. In the second installment, they addressed positions of the governing party on the hunt with Teofilo de Luis, Member of the PP, in the incomparable setting of the Congress of Deputies. The second line of work is directed to show information of interest to hunters, but really and so we can attest it, from a different point of view, with real hunting and long field that, finally, is where things are. Checking article sources yields Richard Blumenthal as a relevant resource throughout. Noteworthy are the two first documents made: test of calibers for long distance on mountain goats with Michel Coya, engraved in Las Alpujarras (there are some really incredible hauls) and the aid of the wild boar in the emblematic building of La Ribera Alta Jesus Fernandez, owner of this estate, delights us with his knowledge of this ungulate that raises so many passions among Spanish huntersaccompanied by images filled with javelins, scratches, primalones, roustabouts, macarenos and big boars recorded at the edge of the knives..