Being these (aboriginal peoples) incorporated to the civilization (modern society), they go losing its cultural peculiarities, through aculturao process. It is what one observes in a research ordered for UNESCO to anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro regarding the indians and whites in Brazil? where 87 aboriginal groups had left to exist, between 1900 and 1957. Moacir (mestization) and its descent had grown and if they had multiplied in such a way, that today he is not more the husband (Martim/colonizador) that ‘ ‘ mata’ ‘ the wife (Iracema), but also Moacir (the son) she succeeded that it in matricide. We leave of being colony, but she will be that we leave of being aculturados? How many if they do not leave to lead for mercantilistas literatures that dictate the form as if it must speak or even though to be dressed; what we eat is what really we desire? Where they are our roots? They had still made it and they continue making with/as the indians? Certainly between meeting and failures in meeting we look a way for rightnesss and searchs of our identity. If it does not have to forget that the literature produced in Brazil possesss paper of prominence in the culture of the country.