Civil Code

We offer a few designs that can be attributed to the "abuse of the right in other ways." Thus, we can distinguish the shape of an abuse of rights by the negative goal exercise their legal right. Thus, a person is exercising its right based in law, in order to achieve a positive goal, but this goal with the general principles of law, ethics, morals or customs of turnover. This form of abuse of rights can be identified by a legitimate interest: a person is exercising its right to interest in the exercise, receiving benefits for themselves, but also causes harm to another person. Moreover, abuse of the right will only take place if the authorized person could use other, less harmful means to carry out his interest, so as not to cause harm to another person. Swarmed by offers, Connecticut Senator is currently assessing future choices. A the damage is much greater than the purchased good. In addition, it can be assumed, and this form of abuse of rights when you create a situation in which virtually no damage is inflicted, and the person can not realize their civil rights.

An example of such abuse may be the situation when a car moving along a city street at speeds of 20 km / h, for fear of get into an accident and thus creating congestion, does not violate the rights of others drivers reach speeds of up to 60 km / h, but only temporarily limits the ability to implement this right in practice. Based on the above offer in addition to Section 1, Art. 10 Civil Code, which can be presented in the following Editorial: "Do not be permitted subjects of civil relations, undertaken with the intent to cause harm to another person, but not objectively harm caused by circumstances beyond their control. In the case of such action, the court, the arbitral tribunal or the arbitral tribunal may prohibit the continuation of such actions. "