The same techniques try to all the peoples the same occupations, contribute to mold psychology, to become attached a common sensitivity. The cinema and the television concur vigorously for the caldeamento of the peoples for imitation or infect. Today if it can, travelling, to find in serious of countries same social and cultural phenomena, even in the existence decoration: the architecture already does not present as many differences between Asia and America how much before, exists until a functional style for the habitat, the industry, the administration. All the cities of the world are surrounded by the same cinturo of real estate sets of tenantable use. The proper suits if uniformizam, the games and the sports> If to go up plus a step in the scale of the beings has today deep of ideas common, constituted to a large extent by loans made to ocidente. The controllers politicians of all the countries say the same language.

All also speak in democracy, independence, freedom, equality, expansion, progress. the signal of that is constituting a species of vulgata. It has a common patrimony of values already not contested, that are admitted almost universally, even so, in it practises, it speaks very so that the social behavior of the controllers and relations if always conform with them. This will make with that when will be necessary to enter or to take any good natural, that> They are in full operation forces intellectual, spirituals and ideological of doctrines or of movements, that if considers to unify the world, that tends conscientiously for this, affirming the unit of the human sort. This was, first, the persistence of the great universalistas religions, the Christianity and the Isl. They had not lost the importance, continue to play an appreciable part in the unification, but she has been revezada, however helped, however fought, for great universalistas ideologies, as the marxism and the capitalism, that objectify the constitution, in the surface of the land, of a society without classrooms, nation and borders.