Charter Company

Joined llc (limited liability company) – a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure. That is why the company is considered the most common organizational and legal environment is a form of legal entities. Register your company will be able to practically any aspiring entrepreneur, but to date, perhaps, easier to contact one of the many law firms. Procedure for registration registration llc you should prepare a package of statutory documents, which will include 2 original copies of the Charter Company, 2 of the original Memorandum of Association llc (or 2 copies of the decision of the sole founder of the creation of a company), one Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders to establish company (with two or more founders) and receipt of payment of state fees charged for registration of the llc. Of course, you will need to submit an application (Form R11001), while Signature (one of the founders of the Future Ltd.) on the form R11001 notarized. If you plan to apply the simplified taxation system, you must provide 2 copies of the relevant application simultaneously with the recording company, or within 5 days after the state registration. If the charter capital is paid in cash, prior to the registration company you need to open a savings account at the bank, which will be credited with that amount. Prior to registration of the llc must pay not less than 50% of the share capital. After the registration of a company savings account is converted to a bank and the money placed at the disposal of the company.