Central America

' ' They had said: if people to leave R$ 40 billion per year in the hand of the Squid, it go to gain the elections. Paulo Coelho understands that this is vital information. I earned. we go to gain another time. The not accepted people more would mesquinharia, not accepted more baixaria' ' , he said, alfinetando the opposition. For the data of the Farm, only with the recent programs of disinvesting of a charge of vehicles, household-electric of the white line and articles of the civil construction, the government already lost R$ 1,6 billion in collection. All the programs had been launched to dinamizar the economy. ' ' I lost R$ 40 billion with the end of the CPMF to take care of of health and vi nobody not to reduce 0.38% of the CPMF in prices of products.

People wanted to take doctor and dentist to take care of of the child in the school. If to leave R$ 40 billion in the hand of the Squid, it goes to gain the elections. I earned and we go to earn of new! ' ' , it said. It pointed out despite disinvestings of a charge for higher classrooms normally are not reverted in consumo.' ' Each Real that you of the one in the hand of a poor person it come back automatically toward commerce, for the consumption and goes to reactivate the economy. A Real for a thousand people is a thousand Reals for comrcio' ' , it said Squid. ' ' It (the poor person) does not go for the bank, for the derivative, is this that we need to make for the economy of this country crescer' '. Squid also defended the level of the Brazilian tax burden as mechanism of social politics. ' ' The tax burden of Central America is 9% or 10%. A country with this load Has not been, because the State cannot take care of of nada' ' , it affirmed.