Budget Video Corporate

The first step in the preparation of an audiovisual presentation is to define a script. Audiovisual budget includes the cost of preparation of the technical script, or audiovisual script, which appreciates the definition of the idea, and that defines the order and form in images and other graphic elements are scanned in the video. We must distinguish that, the literirio script, which is that a narrator locutara with background images, usually make it the client. Another element referred to audiovisual budgets is the scenery. Although normally corporate videos are filmed in the customer’s own premises, in some cases are required to request permission because of filming in certain public spaces, filming in dish with white Cyclorama, acquire certain elements of decoration (props), etc. These are the elements referred to in the heading of scenery.

In corporate audiovisual given the presence of artistic personnel may be needed. This heading takes into account the participation of actors or actresses in the filming, with their included image rights, figurative characters, dancers, costumes, makeup, etc. Usually not usual to count with the presence of artistic personnel in company videos. One of the main headings of an audiovisual budget is that valued crew. This heading includes all the necessary equipment to carry out filming: one or several cameras, tripods, lighting, ambient, or lapel microphone kits, reflectors, battery, cranes, tapes, hard drives, monitors, etc., must also include the transport of the same until the place where will be done filming.

Therefore, it will also be necessary that this breakdown in the budget, the technical team that will participate in the filming.The staff involved are: the producer, the / operator/s camera, audio and lighting, auxiliary staff, etc. Also includes transport and, if necessary, the diets of such personnel. Some of the main protagonists in the corporate video is the announcer/Bender.This heading in a company video budget contemplates the work of elocution, the assignment of rights of use of the recorded voice and professional recording studio time. In addition to the speaker, as indispensable in any video production sound item, includes one or more tunings music background. This heading includes the cost of such tuning, both if it is an original musical composition for the client, as if it is a tuning acquired in a bookstore, with its acquired rights to use. The post-production process, whose description you can see in one of our articles already published the video post-production process, is that pose a greater computation of hours of dedication to the creation of an audiovisual process, and therefore will be one of the most important items of the budget. This heading includes the working hours of the video, the audio and multimedia (design editor graphic, authoring DVDs, photographic retouching, etc.). Finally, the adaptation of the resulting video to the format of delivery chosen also dyes its presence in every budget.Copying, printing and delivery, include addition, the recording of the DVD master, design and stamping on the cover of the disc and box, as well as shipping, all copies, the destination chosen by the customer. Remember the production corporate video Audiovisual workshop specialist are at your disposal to carry out the budget for the corporate video for your company, as well as explain the detailed each of his games meaning.