BTW Communications

Program for wiretapping Spyder-pc OPINION security services – Nobody has a total surveillance of citizens. It takes incredible resources – and the human, and technical and financial – was surprised Nikolai Pavlov, a member of one of the federal intelligence. – When a person is suspected of committing a crime, and serious or particularly serious, then yes – security services can connect to its phone. But only with court approval. – And if you want to connect immediately, and the judge asleep? – Connected. But according to the law within 24 hours, the intelligence agencies must still get approval for wiretapping in court. And not to mention the fact that all negotiations on cell phones recorded, then listen to – nonsense. At this no memory computer systems, or professionals do not.

The program for wiretapping Spyder-pc BTW Communications – with holes Listen to telephone calls in a GSM network is possible without the help of operators. Three years ago, Israeli scientists said they could not find a serious bug in the code that uses almost all modern mobile phones. Listen to any negotiations really. However, with special equipment. But who is when it stops? Representatives of the GSM Association were quick to assure that the error does not affect the next generation mobile phones, the so-called standard G3. They use a new encoding. But who can argue that over time, and it experienced hackers can not find the hole? In addition, household equipment that could connect to the cellular radiotelephone and can be bought at any radio market.