Brazilian Center

However, he is well-known that the ways of participation them local populations it Open pasture, in its goiano space, if had only raised of concrete form in sufficiently recent times. But, historically the Open pasture has been busy, in reason of momentary economic cycles, remembers well what economy the mining was verified during the period called 4, well described per Celso very also Stolen, 1999, great expert of the periods or ' ' surtos development in the Brasil' '. In full century XVIII, when the population occupation of the regions more to the center of Brazil was intensified, already the character little planned of the politics of development was noticed clearly directed to the central region of Brazil, as in the too much localities of the territory of then the Portuguese colony. It is opportune to also analyze that of the point of view of the essence of the objectives, the applied economic policies in the regional development of the Brazilian Center-West, this character that it creates accented islands of prosperity and peripheries, was not modified very although the time perpassado until the current days. Therefore, if it cannot think more about a regional development that provides the sprouting of an extremely different society when we observe the appropriation of the fruits of this development that until then was generated. Leaving of this initial look, we see that only recently the communities most provincial, in Gois, start to have a more active voice around the decisions of the local governmental politics implemented by the State. Although that still it is possible to identify, in these same local populations, certain disinterest in participating of the decisions of public politics directed they. It has seen that they had been for long periods under the guardianship of a paternalista and authoritarian state. Fact that generated the despolitizao and the desmotivao in the participation and deliberation in collective subjects.