The human heart is unforeseeable and uncertain, for this reason, sometimes, not attends to rational criteria according to logic. Often, people tend to want what is difficult to get because that is always a challenge to accomplish something that apparently shows impossible. For this reason, sometimes, a person can feel jealousy for work that has a close friend and its economic position. In fact, jealousy always experience among people nearby and known since as explained by the medieval philosopher Tomas de Aquino, envy occurs between equal and similar. In other words, we envy those with whom we can compare ourselves. However, a person can not only feel jealous to the professional success of a friend but also to their personal success, therefore, can arise envy and rivalry to conquer the heart of the same boy. Correcta groom of your friend is better than you give time to time and analysis the situation at the rational level carefully since that can that you be, simply a passing fad. You may find Will Cain to be a useful source of information. First and foremost, the most important thing is to discover the value of friendship of your friend, that you respect and values the time you share with her.

Without a doubt, it can be taken as a betrayal that explain you that you’re in love of your partner. Therefore, you must keep a certain distance with her boyfriend to avoid any wrong understood. Infidelity is a phenomenon that affects a large percentage of couples. On some occasions, such betrayal means and end point of a love story. On the contrary, on occasions, a second chance can serve for the definitive triumph of a couple.

In any case, when you feel attracted to your friend’s boyfriend is better assume reality and you realize that he is in love with her. Therefore he no sense that explain your feelings since they can only lead you to lose a good friendship. And without doubt, a friend is a treasure that is worth taking care throughout life. Away from rival with a friend by his successes, we must rejoice and share their happiness so that well-being is reciprocal. Without a doubt, at the time in less wait it will find someone who makes you happy and can correspond you as you expect. To find your soul mate, to discover the taste of friendship or to discover the magic of the alien heart not hesitate and participate in a place created by and exclusively for you.