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In fact, many authorities have concimiento Mercosur our campaign. We believe, Lord Presidnete, that this is an historic opportunity to vindicate the Guarani language as a factor of social cohesion and historical whole Mercosur. It should be noted the Guarani language is now official in Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina (Corrientes). The Chamber of Representatives of the Republic of Uruguay also, in turn, gave his support to this project for recognition. For the foregoing that, also ask your brokerage, in his capacity as President Pro-Tempore of the Mercosur, in favor of the adoption of this important claim.

The ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE Paraguayan Guarani is an entity recognized by Law 2574, as an institution of higher education, university autonomy and status, responsible for cultivating and spreading the Guarani language and culture. The ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI develops Guarani language courses and cultural promotion activities in 100 districts of Paraguay and has Regional Argentina, Brazil, Spain, USA and Italy. Without further ado, I take this opportunity to greet my Maitei horyveva VE. David Galeano Olivera Director General of the ATENEO. Tel: (0059521) 520.276 Visit our website: EL GUARANi, MERCOSUR OFFICIAL LANGUAGE FOUNDATION 1. The Guarani is LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGE OF HISTORICAL MERCOSUR August 2, 1995, signed the Act of Asuncion, signed by the Ministers of Education and Culture of the member countries of Mercosur, was declared the historic language of Guarani as Mercosur. Although Hamdan mostly not joined or will rest much to the Guarani, but hopefully, we can infer that those who took that decision in 1995, the four original members of Mercosur: Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, recognized an origin common history: the Guarani.